In all negative there is a positive

So, let me start off by saying.. lastnight I did an EXTRA 10 minutes on the elipitcal….yup, 32 minutes total that was my positive!!! Now for my shameful news, …the negative … I did not wake up this morning to workout. I never thought I would be bothered to admit that I did not wake up again for my morning workout..but at this very moment my tail is in between my legs…why didn’t I wake up? the notion of moving more than I have to in the morning doesn’t really jive with me…but not accomplishing my fullest potential does not jive withe me even more…I debated to change my plan and work out at night only…but why? cause I don’t like the challenge? I could easily change it up but my need to get my butt out of bed to workout is important for me to follow through on. So I’ll hope that tomorrow morning I can report to you that I woke up and did my workout! on a positive note…my shame might get me out of bed after all!?

i’m doing another giveaway..Christmas is so near and I thougth it would be nice to participate in the spirit of giving. I enjoy making my piece and making somebody smile because they won a pair of my earrings is special. I am hoping by word of mouth, my dream of taking on my business full time will be realized…

10:57pm– Yay! I did my 20 minutes on the elliptical! I almost said whatever, and went to bed, but I am determined to see this through! I also had a break through moment with my jewelry,  I made a pair of earrings and I really wanted to wrap it in wire…but I didn’t, I refrained! but in all seriousness, I had a great day, 3 days in row doing my exercise really makes me happy! So..I’m going to go to bed and wake up tomorrow to do another 20, eat some oatmeal and get ready for work! Another day, 3rd times a charm?….

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Alarm clock, what?

So yeah, I never woke up this morning as planned…as a matter of fact I woke up just in time to get up, get ready for work and our the door. Lucky for  me I did wake up, because sometime in there I managed to turn off my alarm. Tonight I will do my 20 minutes maybe more so I don’t feel as guilty about skipping my morning workout. Day 1 of my morning workout and I missed it…I kinda suspected that would happen when Icould not fall asleep at 2:00am.

So I posted new pictures on my 2dash3 site. (Thank you Troy for all your hard work, the pictures are awesome!) I’ll need to increase my inventory for Christmas sales. I love making my pieces, I hope one day to be full time. But for now I’ll enjoy what time I have to dedicate to my passion. it’s 8:33 am and I have a whole bunch of things to do today! I felt I needed to post my lack of exercise this morning before I went on with my day….so back to my day and we’ll see what the rest of the day brings my way!

So, It’s now 9:40pm and I did 23 minutes on the eliptical. Now, I must stop here for a minute and explain why I am talking about exercise, weight and Jewelry. The truth is making jewelry is my passion, it gives me purpose. The more I make the more I enjoy the process. Making Jewelry makes me want to be a better person, lose my weight, explore my potential. So I thought it would be interesting to blog my journey of self discovery through my jewelry. I would love to see my goal of 20 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes at night be a success. Sadly I missed my first morning. But tomorrow is a new day…Good to know! However, that being said, time is precious and I need to make the most of every day. So tomorrow without fault I am getting up and doing 20 minutes! …Oh yeah, I hope you enjoyed my new pieces I posted on my sites today!

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The Journey Continues….

“Don’t Wait Too Long to Live Your Life”-Timothy R Wheeler

My Blog has been in the making, on the back burner so to speak. What stopped me from blogging? I always questioned, why would peple want to read about me, and if they do, what will they think? The truth is maybe 1 person will read my blog, maybe 2…3..nobody, either way I am blogging my thoughts for anybody and everybody to see.

My Mother once told me change one thing at a time so it becomes a habit and other things will fall into place. While my jewellery is flourishing , the one Challenge I’ve had most of my life is my weight. I need to exercise more. I need to work out 20 minutes minimum in the morning, every morning…and night…I did 20 minutes tonight, worked up a nice sweat…I enjoy a good sweat it makes me feel like my workout was worth it. I will create a blog of honesty..if I skip a night I will blog about it. please post encouragements, I’m a sucker for pretty words *smile*. I will also blog about my jewelry, things I read about, random thoughts..whatever floats my boat that day. Here are my other websites so you can take- a peek at my jewellery

Please comment, I enjoy seeing other peoples perspectives and thoughts. (if you like my FB page you will be part of the many giveaways exclusive to Fb fans)

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